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Sicily EscapE


Discover the beauty of Sicily the way you never thought was possible.


With some 28 centuries of recorded history, the capital of Italy is one of Europe's oldest continuously inhabited cities. The seat of the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire was for centuries the unrivaled centre of the ancient world. After the fall of the Western Empire, Rome slowly fell under the political control of the Papacy, later becoming the capital of the Papal States. Popes made the city one of the major centres of the Italian Renaissance and the cradle of both the Baroque style and Neoclassicism. Today, the Eternal City is a bewitching mix of ancient ruins, monumental basilicas, movie fountains and vibrant street life. Few cities can rival Caput Mundi's incredible artistic heritage, no wonder that Rome is the most popular tourist attraction in Italy and one of the most visited cities in the world.


VIP Colosseum Guided Tour


Constructed millennia ago with stone and concrete, the Colosseum was a gift to the Roman people. This awe-inspiring amphitheater maintains its original design, drawing thousands of daily visitors. A haven for inquisitive children fascinated by historical fiction, the monument stands as a living testament to ancient engineering and the grandeur of Roman entertainment, inviting all to explore its storied past and imagine the gladiatorial spectacles that once enthralled the populace.


Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums Small-Group Tour


Visit the Vatican City, the world's smallest sovereign state, to see the amazing art and architecture on display. Among the most well-known tourist attractions in the world are located on the 110 acres that make up the Vatican City. You would not find a more condensed collection of Renaissance artwork anywhere else in the world. Even though it would be impossible to see all of the exquisite sculptures and paintings here, the visit will be well worth it just to get a taste of this collection of masterpieces.

Rome by night.jpg

Rome by Night


Step into the allure of Rome, where the Eternal City unveils its timeless monuments bathed in a captivating glow of romantic lighting. As the sun sets, a magical ambiance blankets the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Pantheon, each revealing its grandeur amidst the play of shadows and lights. The Spanish Steps, adorned with Baroque elegance, beckon under lampposts, while the cobblestone streets of Trastevere come alive with the warm, amber light of charming cafes. Rome, after sunset, becomes a poetic tapestry of history and modernity, promising a truly enchanting experience.


Trastevere Food & Wine Tour


Wander through the enchanting narrow lanes of Trastevere, Rome's most delightful and lively district. Delight in the picturesque sights of this vibrant area as you savor the flavors of Roman cuisine alongside a knowledgeable local guide. The name 'Trastevere' originates from the Latin 'Trans Tiberium,' meaning 'beyond the Tiber.' In ancient Rome, Trastevere held significant prominence, even chosen by Julius Caesar for one of his villas. Today, this district is celebrated for its lively atmosphere day and night, adorned with authentic restaurants and cafes.

Trevi Fountain, Rome.jpg

Piazzas & Fountains of Rome


Rome, the Eternal City, immediately conjures images of Italy's captivating capital. Enriched with millennium-old monuments, it captivates visitors with its timeless beauty. Every corner unravels this allure, a narrative echoed in history books. For those yearning to unveil Rome's hidden gems, this three-hour guided tour is an ideal choice. Satiate your thirst for knowledge as you wander cobblestone streets, delving beyond piazzas and fountains. Your local guide is eager to share not only the city's architectural marvels but also intriguing legends that add depth to your exploration.


Tiramisù & Gelato Class


No visit to Italy is complete without indulging in the delights of traditional tiramisu and gelato. In this hands-on cooking class, we'll guide you through the process of crafting these iconic treats from scratch! Gather with a group of 2 to 10 participants in the heart of Rome, Campo De’ Fiori, surrounded by the vibrant market atmosphere. A local food guide will accompany you, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience, making the class both entertaining and interactive.


Discovering The Vatican Museum & The Sistine Chapel


Words falter in capturing the elegance and grandeur of the Vatican Museums, where art, history, and beauty converge in every corner. Immerse yourself in an authentic sensory experience, enhanced by the guidance of a seasoned private guide. Journey through humanity's masterpieces, from the poignant Roman Laocoon to the Apollo of Belvedere, the Gallery of Maps, and the Gallery of the Candelabra. With your guide, ensure you don't miss any of the countless treasures within this complex, a task nearly impossible alone!

Vatican museum.jpg

Vatican Museums Tour


Explore the marvels of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel with skip-the-line access and an expert English-speaking guide. With 2000 rooms showcasing world-renowned art collections, navigating alone can be overwhelming. Join a small group tour for an intimate experience led by a passionate guide. Journey chronologically through the exceptional museum, discovering timeless masterpieces accumulated across generations of Papal rule, creating a profound connection to the art and history within.

S. Pietro.jpg

Papal Audience & Vatican Museum Tour

LENGTH 9h 30m

Experience a unique opportunity to visit the Vatican and witness the Pope in this unforgettable event! Arrive early at Saint Peter’s Square, savoring the morning air amid the sacred surroundings. The Papal Audience, held in either the square or the grand Audience Hall, unfolds as the Pope emerges from the Vatican. Watch him engage with diverse communities, and if luck is on your side, touch the Pope as he travels the square in the iconic "papamobile." Capture these special moments with your camera!

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Day Trip to Positano & Amalfi


Embark on a high-speed train journey from Rome to reach and marvel at one of Italy's gems! The Amalfi Coast promises a sensory immersion in colors, flavors, beaches, and sunsets that captivate both tourists and locals year after year. On a modern boat accommodating up to 12 people, witness the extraordinary beauty of the Tyrrhenian Sea. As you sail to Amalfi, prepare your camera for unparalleled views of stunning cliffs, azure waters, quaint islands, and charming beachside towns.



Discovering the Tivoli Jewels Private Tour


Shrouded in mystery for many visitors, merely 30 km from Rome lies the small, hilltop town of Tivoli, home to two architectural treasures. Distinct in style yet equal in beauty and charm, Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este await exploration. Your personal guide will greet you at your accommodation in Rome's historical center, and you'll embark on a journey to uncover Tivoli's wonders, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in the utmost comfort aboard a luxurious minivan.



Discover the Enchanting Capri Island


Commence your day with a rapid train voyage from Rome to Naples, traversing the scenic countryside as you journey southward. Each passing moment intensifies the excitement, paving the way for a marvelous day brimming with adventure and beauty. Escape the urban hustle and bustle for a day and delve into an authentic paradise on earth! Explore the extraordinary allure of Capri, the renowned jewel of the Amalfi Coast.

Rome catacombs.jpg

Discover Christian Catacombs


Explore Rome's hidden underground tunnels, veiled in secrecy, where time seems frozen for two millennia. Beyond the ancient walls, beneath the metropolis, lie 40 catacombs, an intricate labyrinth spanning 150 km (93 miles). Conceived by the Papacy two millennia ago, these burial grounds were ingeniously designed to protect the bodies and legacies of the local community in a secure, timeless enclave, adding a layer of mystique to the Eternal City's rich history.

Thermal Tuscany.jpg

Discover Tuscany


Immerse yourself in history with this captivating tour to two UNESCO World Heritage sites. Siena, Italy's most enchanting medieval city, centers around the iconic Piazza del Campo. Twice annually, the renowned Palio horse race animates this town square. Revel in leisure to independently wander the charming alleyways, soaking in the medieval splendor. Utilize your free time to explore the Siena Cathedral or ascend the Torre del Mangia for breathtaking panoramic vistas of the city!


Ancient Pompeii


Explore the pivotal archaeological site, Pompeii Ruins, once home to Nero's wife, Rome's 5th emperor. Begin your morning journey in Rome with a friendly guide. Relax on the coach bus, traversing a scenic route to lively Naples. Admire picturesque views of Castelli Romani countryside. En route, be captivated by the historic Abbey of Montecassino, perched on a hill, signifying its profound historical significance.

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