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Sicily EscapE


Discover the beauty of Sicily the way you never thought was possible.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, Cinque Terre is a very jagged, steep section of Ligurian coastline stretching between Punta Mesco and Punta di Montenero and comprising the picturesque villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Over the course of nearly two millennia, man has transformed these seemingly rough, unwelcoming headlands into a heavily terraced landscape in order to successfully grow vines and olive trees. The scenery here is so stunning that it has inspired countless artists from around the world: Dante Alighieri compared these sheer cliffs to the Mountain of Purgatory (Purgatory - 3rd canto), Francesco Petrarca celebrated Cinque Terre's vineyards in his epic poem Africa, Martin Scorsese filmed here some scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street.


Private Hiking Tour

LENGTH 7h 30m

Embark on an enchanting private hiking tour from Manarola to Monterosso in Cinque Terre National Park. Beginning in Manarola, the second smallest but adored village, relish its quaint charm amid bright, multicolored houses overlooking the sea. Your expert local hiking guide will lead the way, offering insights into the best photo spots and panoramic views. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Cinque Terre as you traverse this picturesque landscape, ensuring a day filled with breathtaking scenery and memorable moments.


Discover Cinque Terre & The Gulf of La Spezia by Bike

LENGTH 6h 30m

Embark on a thrilling adventure through captivating landscapes, tailor-made for both biking enthusiasts and novices. Upon your arrival at La Spezia Railway Station, our expert mountain-bike guide will welcome you, furnish you with top-notch mountain bikes, and brief you on the excursion's itinerary. Get ready for an immersive experience in nature, where both seasoned cyclists and beginners can revel in the beauty of enchanting landscapes.

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Sail from La Spezia to Cinque Terre


Relinquish your worries as the ocean beckons on this delightful small group journey from La Spezia to Cinque Terre! Immerse yourself in the enchanting coasts of Cinque Terre National Park and the Gulf of Poets aboard a serene sailboat. Embark from La Spezia harbor, marveling at the vibrant Mediterranean coastline from a unique perspective. Let the gentle waves and scenic vistas create a tranquil escape, making this sailing experience a truly magical getaway.


Wine Tour & Tasting in Manarola


Embark on a taste sensation in the earthly paradise of Cinque Terre. This extraordinary experience unfolds as you depart from the center of Manarola, making your way to its picturesque small harbor. Indulge in the explosion of flavors as you navigate through the authentic charm of this coastal haven. From the vibrant city center to the tranquil harbor, every step is a delightful immersion into the unique culinary and scenic wonders that define Cinque Terre.


Cinque Terre Tour & Limoncino Tasting


Embark on an enchanting excursion from La Spezia to discover one of Italy's most breathtaking destinations. With an expert tour leader by your side, explore the captivating villages of Cinque Terre, each brimming with charm. Immerse yourself in the rich landscapes and cultural wonders as you follow the knowledgeable guide through this picturesque region. To enhance your experience, we've arranged a Limoncino tasting—an opportunity to savor the traditional lemon liqueur in one of the region's authentic shops, adding a delightful touch to your journey.


Pesto Course in Manarola


Amaze your loved ones by mastering the art of crafting pesto! Experience this memorable lesson in the charming culinary setting of Manarola. Led by two enthusiastic young professionals deeply devoted to traditional cuisine, you'll pluck fresh ingredients, like basil, straight from the verdant on-site vegetable garden. Your instructor will guide you through the process of creating a classic pesto sauce, the renowned recipe of Liguria, ensuring you gain a hands-on understanding of this flavourful culinary tradition.


Cinque Terre Hiking Tour


Embark on a memorable journey from La Spezia Port, exploring the charming fishing villages of Cinque Terre on a guided hike led by an expert tour leader! Upon meeting your guide at the port, the adventure commences with a stroll to the train station. Take in the beauty of La Spezia's vibrant and colorful city center during the journey, immersing yourself in the refreshing sea breeze that defines this distinctive port city!

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Cinque Terre Photographic Tour

LENGTH 2h 30m

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary, exclusive tour that is a must for first-time visitors to Cinque Terre, seamlessly blending stunning vistas with invaluable photo-capturing techniques! Acquire skills that will undoubtedly stay with you for a lifetime. The Cinque Terre photographic tour is dedicated to imparting the fundamentals of excellent photography. Discover how the interplay of light, composition, perspective, and timing converges to craft the perfect photo. Moreover, delve into the art of storytelling through photography, recognizing that a proficient photographer is, essentially, a masterful storyteller.


Cinque Terre Paragliding

LENGTH 1h 30m

Embark on a thrilling adventure with a tandem paragliding flight over Monterosso for a one-of-a-kind experience in Cinque Terre! Gain a unique perspective as you soar above, taking in breathtaking views of crystal-clear waters and striking cliffs from a high hill in Cinque Terre. With a professional flight instructor by your side, enjoy 15 to 20 minutes of exhilarating flight, feeling both thrilled and secure. Land on Monterosso's beach alongside your instructor, making this an unforgettable and exciting Cinque Terre adventure.

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