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Sicily EscapE


Discover the beauty of Sicily the way you never thought was possible.


Agrigento is a hilltop city on Sicily's southwest shore. It's known for the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas in the Valley of the Temples, a vast archaeological site with well-preserved Greek temples. On the modern city's outskirts is the Museo Archeologico Regionale 'Pietro Griffo', with artifacts and a telamon (giant male figure). West lies Scala dei Turchi, a stepped white cliff overlooking sandy beaches.


Piazza Armerina and Agrigento Tour

LENGTH 7 to 9 h

Visit 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the extraordinary Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and the Roman Villa in Piazza Armerina. The Villa del Casale is probably the finest and most extensive display of mosaics in the Roman world. 

Scala dei Turchi, Agrigento.jpg

Valley of the Temples and Turkish Steps Tour


See in a day a unique combination of marvels created by human beings and wonders created by mother nature.


Agrigento Private Tour with Winery Lunch

LENGTH 7 to 8 h

Your driver will give you adequate time at all stops and accommodate special requests when possible, to ensure that your experience in Sicily will be both memorable and enjoyable. 

Sciacca 1.jpg

Soap Museum Tour in Sciacca


The tour of this soap museum, which is in an old, restored 19th-century building with high ceilings and original stonework, will let our visitors experience the beauty of the soap history in the traditional Mediterranean way. 


Soap and Olive Oil Experience


Tour at the soap museum located in the countryside of Sciacca, including a soap making workshop, where you can prepare your own little soap bar. At the end there will be a class of extra virgin olive oil testing, concluding the experience with a light Aperitivo under the olive trees.

Cooking with Nonna.jpg

Cooking Class with Lunch at Olive Farm


Visit a traditional olive oil mill in Agrigento countryside, learn to cook Sicilian traditional recipes and enjoy a full lunch with friends and family. Learn to prepare delicious local recipes and enjoy a full lunch with your friends and family, and plenty of wine.

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