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Sicily EscapE


Discover the beauty of Sicily the way you never thought was possible.


Venice. The name of the city itself invokes images of romantic gondola rides and spectacular pink sunsets over the water. That is one side of The Queen of the Adriatic. The other, however, you may have heard from your best friend who traveled to Venice in the Summer and “absolutely hated it, too touristy and expensive”. It’s the truth. Venezia can be everything you’ve dreamed and at the same time, be a tourist’s worst nightmare. It’s blessed because of its fame, but the experience can also be dampened by the same fame. Venice, The Floating City. Venice, city of masks, mysteries and ghosts. Venice, marble palaces on a lagoon, one hundred and eighteen islands joined together by picturesque bridges. Are you still asking yourself why Venezia is one of the most overcrowded tourist destinations in the world?

Canal Grande with Venice gondola and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute resized.jpg

Gondola Ride & Discover Venice Tour


Get to know your friendly tour guide and you will start your enjoyable walking tour in the charming and ancient district between Piazza San Marco and the magnificent Rialto Bridge. When your guide brings you to the gondola docks, the real adventure begins. Here, you can have an incredible voyage on the world's most beautiful boat.


Wine Tasting & Dinner in Venice


Enjoy a romantic evening that includes a superb dinner, magnificent full-bodied wines, and one of Venice's top restaurants! Is your mouth watering yet? Delicious wines will be served alongside an award-winning four-course dinner in a beautiful setting. Choose your courses from the custom-made menu, with assistance from the sommelier in selecting the best wine combination for the meal.

Photo: Liuboc Ilchuk


Doge's Palace & St Mark's Basilica


The first place to explore is DOGE'S PALACE, which has centuries' worth of intriguing information on Venetian political power. The journey continues within the magnificent Byzantine masterpiece, SAINT MARK'S BASILICA. The vividly shining gold mosaics and the marble-decorated flooring will welcome you as soon as you enter the basilica.

Photo: Sergi Brylev


Create a Venetian Carnival mask


With the help of this private mask-making course, you will master traditional methods to create a genuine "bauta" by hand. Without the use of any special equipment or instruments, the session will only use traditional resources and traditional techniques. Your mask will be constructed just as it was centuries ago! After you finish your work before you can wear it and participate in this intriguing and enigmatic centuries-old custom!

Photo: Andrea Woods

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Discovering of the Prosecco Region


You will be taken through lush scenery and nearby vineyards to the intriguing Prosecco regions of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. You will make a stop to a local winery, which historically makes a wide variety of wines. Quench both your thirst for knowledge and Prosecco! Take a drink while discovering the renowned white wine's customs and history!

Island murano in Venice.jpg

Discover the Venetian Lagoon


Embark on an exquisite adventure as you luxuriate in the opulent surroundings of your very own private motorboat, exclusively shared with your select group of companions. This unforgettable journey will lead you through the picturesque waters of the lagoon, unveiling the hidden treasures of not one, not two, but three of its most enchanting islands: Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

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St Mark's Church Guided Tour


Although you may have seen St. Marco's Basilica on television or in a movie, nothing will prepare you for the feelings you will have when discovering this magnificent cathedral's spectacular splendor. You will be able to discover more about the past and local legends of this masterpiece of Byzantine art while being led by a welcoming, knowledgeable guide.

Spritz Aperol drink with venetian traditional snacks.jpg

Venetian Apertivo


Meet your guide at Cannaregio, a vibrant area of Venice! During the local aperitivo hour, you will join other foodies and immerse yourself in the real, enjoyable lagoon ambiance. Your guide, who is also a foodie, will make certain that you visit the must-see aperitivo sites! Your guide will also teach you about the culture and foods of the region. Aperitivo hour is the best way to experience Venice!

Narrow canal with bridge in Venice resiz

The Dolomites & Cortina


You will leave Venice's city core and move towards the fresh air and picturesque countryside! Your driver will gladly make photo stops throughout the journey so you can take in the lovely landscape. You will arrive at a location where the tranquil waters reflect the surrounding pine forests and mountain peaks. Take a short walk and sample some of the amazing local delicacies!

Venice from above.jpg

Private Boat Tour


Embark in an extended, rich private tour that will reveal Venice's allure in a way that few others are ever able to experience. You will travel through the famous canals of the Serenissima on a comfortable and fashionable boat with a passionate local expert who will not only show you the city's hidden beauties but also immerse you in the rich tapestry of Venetian history and culture.


Venice by Night

LENGTH 1h 45m

Although Venice is always seductive and intriguing, at night its air becomes extremely eerie.

Get ready for a captivating nighttime stroll as we explore Venice's less-traveled areas. The legends, anecdotes, and stories of a very secret Venice. Discover Venice's evening light as the beautiful sunset fades into the night. The route will be adjustable so that you may avoid the major tourist crowds and fully immerse yourself in a cozy and serene setting that is enhanced by dusk and night.


Best of Venice Walking Tour

LENGTH 1h 30m

To discover more about the enchanted, enigmatic Venice, you MUST take this trip!
The wonderful maze of narrow streets, quaint squares, sumptuous palaces, and massive cathedrals that is Venice... Join our informative WALKING TOUR lead by a qualified guide to make sure you don't miss anything. This tour, designed for both art enthusiasts and first-time tourists, takes you through the distinctive and intriguing locations that make VENICE so unique.

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